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About Us

RAJWADI ARTS – Spectrum of services


In today’s world of increasing metropolitan environment, you definitely deserve a space that feels comfortable, stylish and tasteful. The most loved and relevant style is antique interiors. Rajwadi arts has been known for amazing quality and time-bound delivery of versatile and fashionable antique handicrafts. Being the most trusted and accessible wooden handicraft manufacturer in Rajasthan, Rajwadi arts is the true home to genuine wooden handicraft articles. The testimony for this being hundreds of customers being fully satisfied and coming back each time for more product. 


Why wooden handicraft? 

Wooden handicraft is especially liked and widely purchased because of the amazing man-hours that are spent making a single article. These types of products do not have any room for error during manufacturing. One needs precision and quality control to make valuable wooden handicrafts. They are also cherished so much because these aren’t just store-bought decorative pieces but instead are an epilogue of the local history and lifestyle. These items bring the ambiance of the place they are made into any space they are put in. Wooden handicrafts are important for history as they make vital contributions in knowing the needs and day to day life of olden days. These items weren’t supposed to be only pretty but also have utility. 


Rajasthani wooden handicrafts are especially widely in demand because of the rich history and popularity on the international stage linked to the Maharajas and the great events that occurred in history here.  Sculptures of God in wood or marble are in demand, Rajasthani carving and woodwork are popular all through India for its great precision and beauty. The mirror work done here is a celebrated fashion trend in interior decoration. Udaipur in particular is popular for its marble industry, hence marble articles attract tourists as well as localites for its grandeur and posh look. Marble garden decorations, sculptures and many others are of great interest. 


Why Rajwadi Arts? 

Rajwadi literally translated means “ Royal”. At Rajwadi arts you can find handicraft items looking strikingly Royal and chic that blend into any space they are placed in. Being the biggest manufacturer of handicraft items in Udaipur, they  provide items from the bulk buyer to the end user. With handicraft items one needs to be careful while making a purchase to not get tricked into buying a faulty or fake product that neither look great nor have any value. Rajwadi arts is home to genuine wooden handicraft items made available to maximum customers at export quality. Another interesting fact about this manufacturer is that  they are not only manufacturers but also one of the biggest exporters of wooden handicraft items all over the world. If you are looking to turn your living space into a Rajasthani dream home, you need not worry about involving middlemen who eat up your pocket and provide costume products. You may simply go to the website and look for yourself through the catalogue to find products that fit into your space and appeal to you at Rajwadi Arts. Genuine handmade wooden crafts are now available at Rajwadi Arts. 


What is the range of products at Rajwadi Arts?  

Rajwadi arts is a manufacturer of wooden handicrafts but the spectrum of services is elaborate. You can find statues and figurines of “ Devis “ (goddesses)  and “Devtas” ( god) , made in marble, metal or wood with tasteful positioning that brings divine blessings to your home. The most interesting fact about this is that you can find these figurines in three different forms being metal,  marble or wood, each having their own unique qualities and intricacies. To give a living space the little extra touch it needs to look plush ,the key most people forget, are the doors. At Rajwadi arts you can find antique doors with wooden carvings that as per your choice could be floral or animal design that makes everyone stop and give a second look each time they pass through it. 


Most of us buy plain mirrors with plastic  panelling that not only looks cheap but is also not very sustainable. You can find beautifully crafted wall mirrors in metal at Rajwadi arts that compliment a simple wall with minimal decoration, in your lounge area or even your good old bathroom. 


Some areas in your house or office look simply empty without an appropriate occupant. In such situations the ideal decision is to decorate the ideal space with animal wooden handicrafts or with little antique objects that look appealing as well as subtle. You may choose them in sizes delectable to your liking. You can find such little trinkets at Rajwadi arts, with the key being to select as many  different designs as possible. 


Any man or woman can be flattered with a piece of jewellery. Rajasthan is especially known for its Rajwadi designs that remain timeless and relevant. At Rajwadi arts you can find the most elaborate designs in the choice of jewellery for you or your loved ones. 


Handicrafts are a style with which you can never go wrong. It is a style that remains  relevant and loved in the evolving era of fashion. Decorate your home with beautiful divine figurines or wooden handcrafted articles. Get your garden that little amp with a marble fountain or a small marble figurine. Decorate your office space with metal or wooden animal  articles. Fill up that empty wall with a beautiful mirror with intricate panellings. Finish up your doorways with an elegant door panel. Get your loved one a Rajwadi style piece of jewellery to lighten up their day or just treat yourself! All this, in just one place ; Rajwadi arts. You don’t need an excuse to buy something special, checkout the catalogue for wooden handicrafts, jewellery, garden decorations or little trinkets at Rajwadi arts. 


All you have to do is choose something you really love and something that would compliment your surroundings,  Rajwadi arts will make sure you get exactly what you love in the blink of an eye. Go on, shop today at Rajwadi arts.